The year that was and my learnings from 2020

Joining the bandwagon of year end roundups…Here is mine….

2020 took the crown of ‘Movers and Shakers’ of modern times. It rather exceeded expectations. The entire world for once was on a level playing field, affected equally by one single power, rather a small one, a ‘virus’. And yes it did come with its share of fantastic learnings…

It was year of the underdogs – Zoom, pyjamas, mask, toilet rolls, hand sanitiser, pasta…Never underestimate the insignificant…

We were all united by Covid and Netflix.

Pyjamas was the new couture.

Plan A in life can fail quickly along with Plan B and C. We need to love other alphabets too.

Work expands itself to fill time. (Good old Parkinson’s law)

Irrespective of the situation, human behaviour is same everywhere. We did stockpiling in the west and we did break lockdown rules in every corner of the world.

Human beings are cognitively aligned to belong to herds and think alike as in herds. Almost everyone became a home cook or a home baker; embraced yoga; wrote daily experience on social media and washed vegetables. The ones who cash the opportunity to lead the herds become legendary like Joe Wicks.

The future is feminine. Women leaders displayed their supreme abilities to manage crisis; All year the cliché feminine qualities topped the ‘must have skills’ in your resume: Empathy, multitasking, conflict resolution, crisis management.

Nature is the only global religion. We all turned to green spaces to find peace, health and tranquillity. Parks were our new temples.

This year broke a lot of our otherwise strong beliefs. Stress is not about traveling to work. Spending quality time is important but excess of everything is bad. Work from home beyond a point is not a perk.

And it renewed faith in things we always knew. Family is most important. We have more acquaintances than friends. And the few we have, they are priceless. We waste moments in life to honour transactions. Life is short and uncertain.

My biggest personal learning was that humans are a product of their habits. And if there is any deal breaker in your life, its your own discipline and consistency. Getting these two right will be personally my only new year resolution.

Whatever happens, hope is the only anchor to cling on to in life. And we are all hopeful for a better tomorrow.

On this note, wishing each and everyone a joyous New Year 2021.

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