How did this happen?

I read somewhere that there are 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts that are generated in human mind in one single day.

And if you are a woman it may be double. Well that I made up on my own.

But I hate to admit that there is a similar scenario with me too.

Most of my personal time, is spent all by myself. This gives my mind factory ample resources to produce a non-stop supply of thoughts. I have always tried to categorise my thoughts as productive, junk, day dreams. In this process, I have been a perennial victim of overthinking too. Sometimes these thoughts become ideas which do not see light of the day as I bin them in the Junk category. And some can be daunting to my self created mental indisposition, so I bin them as wishful thinking. And some leech onto me and feed on my consciousness.

On a sane social day, when I have been fortunate to get an audience to some of my thoughts, they have been pleasantly surprised, or happy or atleast interested in listening to them. And the topics are sometimes random to pointed.

So I thought to create a social vent for expression of my restless mind.

And that’s how this blog was born.

I write about topics that I am quite passionate about, which touch my life and have defined it in some way or the other. I evolve every day as I continue to inch in my learning journey. And I hope my writing will hit the right notes in your mind too.

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